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• Allows you to eat cold breakfast cereal with milk on the go, even in the car.
• No spoon or bowl needed
• Keeps milk and cereal separate and combines with each mouth full
• Slide-and-lock lid for cereal freshness
• Lightweight thermal plastic helps keep the milk cold
• Inner cup doubles as dry snack container great for kids.
• Easy to assemble and easy to clean


Eat your favorite breakfast cereal anywhere you'd like. The Cereal Sipper(TM) helps keep your milk cold and your cereal crunchy until the very last mouth full. No spoon! Let the kids have cereal in the car, with milk, or eat your favorite cereal at the office. Easy to assemble and easy to clean. BONUS, the inner cup doubles as a dry snack container and eater. No more messy snacks stuck in your car seats or on your floor.

The Cereal Sipper

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